Teens Empowerment PlayShop

PlayShop is designed to help empower teens in loving themselves & finding happiness in their lives, despite current issues and challenges they may be experiencing.  It was inspired by the adult workShop created by Louise Hay called Heal Your Life®, which is based on her affirmative principles & philosophies. 


Do you desire following for your teens:

  • What if our self worth ( and our children's self worth ) did not depend on how the world perceived us or even judged us ?
  • What if our teenagers recognised their unique abilities and were proud to exhibit their talents without worrying about competition or pulling each other down jus to be noticed ?
  • What if our teachers weren't under the threat of how their children will perform and will they be able to strike the work life balance ?
  • What if the world discovers that it is possible to be prosperous and happy and successful and fulfilled all at the same time ?

It's the passion which makes the difference...

Teen Self-emPOWERment PlayShop is taught only by trained Heal Your Life® instructors. This PlayShop is a comprehensive program which explores all aspects of the body, mind, spirit and emotions. This program was developed by experienced Heal Your Life® teachers who are dedicated to spreading the message of self-love to teens. Because awareness is the key to changing oneself, this program offers teens a unique opportunity to discover who they are, uncover limiting beliefs and their impact, all while gaining the confidence to live life with purpose & fulfillment

Sharing is encouraged amongst the group. All teens will learn from each other. This is not considered a support group. It is however a place for teens to learn new skills & tools to assist them in living a more self-fulfilling life, while supporting one another through the process.   During these interactive PlayShops, teens will engage while learning new resources through exercises, discussions and interactions. Teen Self-emPOWERment PlayShop is intended solely for teens, which creates a safe and comfortable environment for teens to open up and contribute life experiences & concerns

 In the playshop, your Teens will learn how to:

  • LIKE who they are and begin to discover they are deserving & lovable

  • View themselves as valuable, worthy & POWERful

  • Recognize negative emotions& unwanted behaviors and learn tools to manage them

  • Identify core beliefs and release negative beliefs

  • Build better relationships

  • Make better choices

  • Find inner wisdom & power

  • Transforming their lives by working with the body, mind and spirit connection

  • Develop a new vision of their futures & create supporting beliefs

Glimpse of our Teens Empowering PlayShop


Wouldn't it be wonderful if your teenagers could learn..

  • that they are wonderful and they deserve the best irrespective of the outcome of their endeavour.
  • that they could change their lives simply by changing their thoughts
  • that there are better ways to deal with anger, fear, sadness and guilt.
  • that taking care of their body can be easy and it is not geeky to make healthy choices.
  • that they can always choose relationships that are loving and empowering.

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