Louise Hay on Forgiveness

Forgiveness is the healing tool we carry with us.Yet we do not use it and for various reasons. and reasons that are right and justified.

Louise in her book says that if you have a disease or a symptom ,it is a call for forgiveness.What we have observed is that if there is struggle in any area of your life somewhere we are unwilling to forgive someone in that area( and quite often that someone is us ).

Forgiveness opens the doorway to love.

A power pack 3 hour session

Have we wondered what stops us from forgiving people and forgiving ourselves ?

What if we tell you that all that you knew about forgiveness was a myth. And it is these myths that stop you from forgiving yourself and others.

What you will learn?

Our prosperity, our relationships, our success and even our intimate lives are closely related to our willingness to forgive.

And in spite of knowing all of this about forgiveness, we are unable to forgive. Why so? That is because somewhere deep down we have been so wounded in the past that we are fearful to take our next step towards our good.

We are better safe than sorry. Once bitten twice shy. And several such statements become our shield and excuse not to forgive.

Who are the leaders?

The events will be led by Sunil Shah and Dr Deval Doshi. They both are certified and trained in several countries including life coach training in Louise Hay's work. For more detail visit www.lovehealsonline.com.

All of this and more to be covered in a FREE 3 hour interactive session on Forgiveness based on Louise Hay’s philosophy.

Details of Event



  • Sunday, 27th September
  • Timing 10am to 1pm
  • Investment Your Time
  • Venue The Other Song, 701, Peninsula Heights, C. D. Burfiwala Marg, Juhu Lane, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400058

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