BE ME - A Journey Exclusive for Women

It is about  loving  yourself... discovering yourself... your inner beauty... your true spirit  and then when you love urself... your body listens to you & brings itself to the optimum weight, size & health.

Join a group of amazing women  willing to walk with you...willing to embrace all that comes on this path of discovering our inner beauty... Our true selves... Our feminine essence. And So it is..

Discover yourself... your true magnificent self... It's not about losing weight or managing ur size... It isn't even about the  food you eat or calories u burn..... neither is it about being disciplined and managing your time.

Counting Calories or Relishing Food

Can you imagine a world where you could choose food without counting calories? For several years that 'calorimeter' has been running in our heads telling us what to eat and what not ... Building guilt and hopes of the freedom to relish the food we love.

What if we told you that you are free to relish all your favourite foods without having to worry about the inches.

Time Machine or Freedom to Be

For a long time now we have identified ourselves with the roles we play in our lives. We are at our multitasking best but somewhere we long for that freedom to be . Discover yourself as who you are and not what you do.

Looking for Love or Feeling Loved

Our quest for love is never ending . More than often we are left at the mercy of how the people in our life feel and what they want and finally we land up needing love . Imagine freeing yourself of this need to be loved and actually feeling loved .

Lose mind or Lose weight

End this eternal war of trying to lose weight and reaching that dream figure. We have lost ourselves and our mind trying to achieve that number on the scale and we only land up losing ourselves. Regain your glory.

Fitting in Roles or Being Yourself

Do we know the person we were once upon a time ? Or do we even know who we wanted to become ? Over a period of time our commitment to the different roles we play and our passion to give our 100% to everything we do, we have lost ourselves and who we are. This is our time to reclaim our magnificent being.

Not because you are a mom, a wife, a daughter or daughter in law .... Not even because u need a break or a change. But walk with us to shine your light....YOUR FEMININE RADIANCE .... This program is dedicated to the sacred feminine which each one of us exuberates.

It's a joy to get to know you, we will be glad to contact you.

Alternatively you can contact facilitator Dr Deval Doshi on 9820237951

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