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At Love Heals, we are dedicated to help people enhance and increase their self worth and self esteem by working on their thoughts which ultimately leads to more self confidence, peace of mind and deep connection with themselves.

Sunil is a Chartered Accountants by education and a passionate and successful business coach. He is certified as "Heal Your Life Teacher" in USA and as a "Life Coach" in UK . He has led more than 100 programs all over India especially in Mumbai to individuals and corporates. He also owns and operate successful real estate business. He has helped several companies to communicate their message through their branding.

Dr Deval Doshi , a physician by profession and a passionate mother of three is a certified Heal Your Life leader and a Life Coach. Her child like enthusiasm and joyful spirit is contagious to all around. She has particularly been extremely successful with women and teenagers in helping them regain their self worth and self esteem. She along with Sunil, has led programs all over the country especially in Mumbai helping people towards happiness and prosperity.

Glimpse of our "Heal your Life" workshop

An organisation committed to spread the message of self love and self approval helping people achieve their inner balance thus creating a life of  prosperity, abundance and happiness.

Love Heals… Every time... Every where... Every One…. With this faith in our hearts, through our workshops, seminars, events, online programs and book reading sessions we attempt to change humanity at large..by helping people heal their past pain and hurt and help them achieve prosperity and happiness in all areas of their lives.

Each one of us is continuously thinking and these thoughts create our future. Life is very simple.What we believe about ourselves, our relations, our career, money,our life becomes true for us.

We guide you to identify the limiting beliefs and thoughts that have been implanted early in life some consciously and several unconsciously.These limiting beliefs that we have picked up from our early childhood very often come in our way of enjoying a prosperous life.

So, what do you believe ? Life is a blessing or Life is a struggle.

The beliefs that we have held as “truth” have created our life so far. We have struggled with finances, time management, relationships, peace of mind, stress, work life balance and several other areas.

Whatever our beliefs may be so far, it is just a thought and a thought can be changed. You can change anything in your life just by changing your thoughts.

Through simple tools and exercises the workshops are designed in a way to help you heal your past pain and move into a prosperous and joyful future.

Our Team

Hey buddy we are more than happy to help you. Love Heals is just not work its way of life for us. This is something that we breath, We may be guide or the co-ordinator, the reason for we being here is that we love you unconditionally and ready to make a difference in your life.


Nishank procures Rough Diamonds for a leading Diamond & Jewellery Co. in Mumbai. His work lets him travel globally to diverse countries and absorb lot of multi-cultural experiences. He is also a foodie by heart and an avid reader and music fan.

A sense of curiosity about something that is beyond emotions when it comes to relationships and why some work and why some don't, led him on a quest to find answers. And as it's said, when the student is ready, the master appears. That is when a series of divinely guided "co-incidences" introduced him to Love Heals. The rest is history.

Nishank has been associated with Love Heals and this inner work since 2012 and has attended all the unique programs conducted by Love Heals. His immense desire to share his knowledge with others makes him a wonderful guide to hand-hold new participants on their new journey after completing the Elite HYL workshops.


Aneel is a thorough follower of Louise’s principles in every aspect of his life. He enjoys listening to variety of music and comedy cinema. By profession, Aneel is Financial Contracts Specialist and handles financial contracts management in one of the division of leading international software giant ORACLE.

Aneel during his formative years always believed god takes care of everything and unconsciously was practicing Surrendering. He came into Louise’s work through LOVE HEALS in 2012 while he attended the ‘You can Heal Your Life’ workshop. Louise’s work around living a wonderful and simplified life came to him when he was going through the most difficult phase in his career. Louise’s work not only helped him to put his career back on track but also started enjoying complete trust of Senior Management.

He went on to complete LYEM (Advance HYL workshop), Magic of Manifestation, Mastering Prosperity courses at Love Heals. In addition to being a member of the Core Team at LOVE HEALS, he also supports Elite HYL course participants post workshop as a guide.


Parag, a passionate food lover, an avid photographer with a penchant for diverse music and cinema is also a compassionate guide to most of his peers and is fondly referred to as a “Simplifier”. By profession, he is a financial number cruncher in senior management at Rosy Blue, a leading Diamonds & Jewellery Co.

Parag has been exposed to spirituality unconsciously since young age of 7, when he heard Osho and J. Krishnamurthy discourses being played in his house during 1980s, which left a deep impression on his inner child. He came in contact with Louise’s work through Love Heals in 2014 when he first attended the Heal Your Life workshop. He subsequently completed LYEM (advance HYL workshop) and Mastering Prosperity. In addition to being a member of the core team at Love Heals, he also supports Elite HYL course participants post workshop as a guide.


Chaitali is Love Heals’ backbone. Rarely in the foreground but a hidden pillar of strength and patience.

She has been associated with Love Heals since 2012 and single handedly manages participant registrations, production management, logistics, co-ordination and communications. She is the go-to person for any and every kind of support and information needed by Participants, from registration until the program completion.

In addition to being the Chief Organising Officer, Chaitali also acts as a delicate balance between Sunil & Deval in their interesting debates over how things should be.

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